Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bumgenius elastic replace/ adjustable toggle leg conversion.

My bumgenius diapers are on their last leg. A few go them have cracking PUL, the elastic is shot on all of them and the hook and loop is useless. 

They are in desperate need of some new life.

Since I still need to order snaps and pliers (to convert the hook and loop),
I decided to make my first step replacing the elastic. 

As I began to cut it out, I though 'why not make these in to adjustable legs, like sofbums?'

So that's what I set out to do.

DISCLAIMER: I'm posting this after my first go at it. I'm using only supplies I could find at JoAnns,
I think I could find better (hopefully smaller) toggle cord locks online. I'm sure I'll figure out better ways of doing things as I work on the rest of my BG, and I plan on updating as needed, and hopefully get a few more photos of some of the details.

First, look at where the stitching is encased the old elastic.

Look inside and you'll be able to see (at the two red marks above) where the elastic is sewn in.
Get a nice pointy pair of scissors, be very careful not to cut your PUL, and cut the elastic at each end, so that you can take the old elastic out.

Next get your elastic cord (the round kind), attach a safety pin to the end, and start threading it through the stitching that encased the old elastic.

I threaded the new elastic past the point where it had been sewn in before. Since I was making the legs adjustable, I thought this would give it more flexibility….. it may not be necessary, but you can see I went almost all the way to the front.
Once I got the elastic to where I wanted it, I cut a small slit in the fleece layer in order to get the safety pin out (I'm wondering if I can find a way to avoid this). Once the safety pin is off the elastic cord, and the cord is in place, begin to stitch the elastic to the fleece layer (DO NOT stitch through the PUL!).

These are the toggle cord stops I'm using for now, the bottom one in this pack was the smallest size I could find at JoAnns, so I just got two packs. I'll probably use the medium size too, just because I'd hate to waste it completely, but I think the large one is just too big. I'm sure I'll be able to find a better option online….I'll let you know when I do.

Back to the other end of the diaper. Since these toggles had two holes, I used one to sew it to the diaper, I just sewed it like a button to the fleece at the very top, the put the elastic cord through the open hole and cut off the extra.

Here is what it looked like at the end, all synched up and on it's smallest setting.

And, at a larger size.

Haven't completely tested it out yet since I still need to convert the hook and loop (it doesn't hold worth a darn at this point), but it seems like it should be a nice conversion from normal BG diapers. 


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