Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Squirmy Worm {baby update}

29 weeks 3 days

I thought I might be due for a little baby update.
Plus I have some pregnancy 'goals' I've been meaning to post for about 6 months now.
There more as a reminder for myself, but I want to get them 'out there'.

Here I am today, 29 weeks and 3 days.
I'm feeling all around pretty well, I just wish I had another inch or os of torso.
I can't do much about that though, so I live with it.
As some of you may know I had preeclampsia with Haakon, so we've been keeping 
an eye on that. So far my blood pressure has been perfect at every appointment, 
and I haven't had even a hint of swelling (my wedding ring even still fits)! 
I have, however had a 'trace' of protein in my urine at the last two visits,
which can be completely normal, but it does have me a little on edge.

I'm still down about 10lbs from my pre pregnancy weight,
but seeing as I was,  well...... HUGE before
I'm not going to complain. 
Not to mention baby is growing just fine, 
I still have plenty of stored energy to provide ;)

Within a week of Haakon's birth I had come up with a 
list of goals for my next pregnancy. Even though I had no clue if
there would ever be a 'next pregnancy', I knew what I was going to be aiming for.
Over all, I'm just shooting for a 'normal' birth experience.

1) A healthy pregnancy. I really want to avoid any and all complications....obviously.
I'm doing well so far in the pre-e department (though I often remind myself that all was well last time too, until 3 days before Haakon was born). I just barely squeaked by the gestational diabetes test, and I'm borderline anemic, so all that combined as me walking a thin line with this goal.
On another note, I've been very consistent with my workout routine. 
I've been hitting up the gym for 1 1/2 to 2 hours every week day.
I'm convinced that this has helped me feel better and stay healthy in many areas. 
Hopefully I can hang on for the last couple months.

2) 38 weeks. Even though Coralee was full term, I was still only 37 weeks.
Like I said, I just want this to be as normal as possible, 
and it's more likely then not my last pregnancy, so I figure lets milk it for all it's worth.
Obviously I really don't have any control here, but it's more for my state of mind.
**I'm already having a hard time sticking with this one :/ there have been a number of days I 
find myself wishing for a "as soon as it's safe" delivery, and that is exactly the state of mind I want to avoid.**

3) Labor. Yep, pretty simple, I just want to labor. I didn't have more then a few hours to labor with Coralee and no labor at all with Haakon. 
Even if I don't get a VBA2C I want to at least labor for as long as possible.
I know what you're thinking "sure you say you want that NOW, wait until your in it".
and I'm sure you're right, at least to a point, but as long as it's safe for me and the baby, it's
just something I want. 
Not laboring, for me, would be like driving to the grand canyon with a blindfold on.

4) VBA2C. Vaginal birth after 2 cesareans. I really don't even know what to expect here,
seeing as I've never really labored. I do know I have a great couple of midwives, who I trust
will do everything they can to help me.


PandaBear October 10, 2011 at 9:07 PM  

Don't worry, if you have two midwives, you will get your VBA2C. I had our first (and only so far) child last year, and its not that bad. I used two midwives and drove 4 hours to have my baby. If I had gone to the hospital I would have been sectioned for sure. My water was broken for 4 days before the baby arrived. That would not fly in a hospital. Just hang in there chica its almost over!

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