Friday, July 9, 2010

Long lost family and wind turbines

We got back from Wisconsin late Saturday night.
For whatever reason Haakon decided that was a good night to scream from 2:30am to 4:00am.
We woke up one TIRED cranky family.
I was starting to feel a little congested and could barely keep my eyes open, so out for breakfast we went.
(it's a little known unknown fact that Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat out, yet we don't do it nearly enough.)
We all needed sleep, but john NEEDED sleep (I'm sure you know what I mean), I decided that I would take the kids to church, and let John stay home at rest (please no, applause, I was doing this for totally selfish reasons).
By the time we were done with breakfast however, it was pretty apparent that the kids were sleepy enough to take a nap too. So nap we did, all four of us.
We woke up from our nap still sleepy.
Sitting on the couch with my eyes still only half open, John tosses me his phone and says "what do think?"
On his phone was the GPS directions to Lincoln Nebraska, home of his Dad and two of his brothers.
"What? Now?"
"yeah, if we leave now, we'll get there in time for fireworks"
The last time we saw John's dad was before we were married. The kids had never meet their Grandpa or and any of John's brothers.
So, I opened my eyes, and said
"let's do it"
Some how we managed to pack everything in about fifteen minutes, and we were on the road.
I rained non-stop for three hours!
Then off and on for the rest of the drive.
Because of all the rain they cancelled the city fireworks,
but we got there in time to have dinner with the family,
and shoot off some fireworks his brother had already bought.
The kids took to their 'new' Grandpa quite well.
Cousin Seth and Haakon might as well have been long lost brothers.
Holy family shrine
*Did I mention I left my camera at the place we ate dinner?
We went back to get it an hour and a half after they closed. Only by God's grace did we manage to get it back. YIKES!*
Back to the trip.
The kids didn't go to sleep until 11:30 that night. Both kids fell off the bed, and Coralee has the goose egg to prove it.
1-5 146
(see the bump right above her nose?)
The next morning we let the kids take a swim, and then meet up with the family again for lunch.
H swimming
C swimming
That was it, a very short stay, but long enough at the same time.
On the way home we stopped by the holy family shrine. beautiful.
Holy family shrine
Holy family shrine
Holy family shrine
Holy family shrine
Holy family shrine
and we once again drove through hours and hours of rain.
An unexpected beauty along the roads was the wind turbines.
I mean, seeing them wasn't unexpected, but their beauty was.
It really is a beautiful sight to see such massive, things dotting the landscape,
and turning so gracefully.
The beauty of them was most certainly unexpected.

I was surprised at how well the kids did in the car.
We had a stash of toys, but as long as we passed a truck every so often Haakon was happy.
Maybe we'll have to plan road trips to Nebraska more often.

Pit stop


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